Shop of Secrets

“Little Dark Secrets by Rox” currently retail their handmade luxury chocolate treats and bespoke orders, using exquisite Belgian Chocolate and locally sourced organic and seasonal produce.
Sold loose, per piece, so that you select your favourite flavours.
So pick and choose, mix and match to curate your unique Little Dark Secrets experience.
Please use the Contact Form for enquiries and orders, clearly stating any food allergies.


Seasonal flavoured classic chocolate truffles, enrobed in chocolate and embellished with nuts and freeze dried fruit powder.

75p per piece


Choose from a selection of solid and soft centred bonbons that celebrate the flavours of the season.

£1 per piece

Sharing Slab

Decadent 250gm chocolate slab to choose from with surprising flavours and toppings of your choice including toasted nuts and dried fruits chunks, popping candy and salted caramel crunch.


Snacking Bar

A 125gm chocolate bar with or without toppings, depending on what catches your fancy.



80gm chocolate brick with a soft centre. Seasonal flavours to choose from.



40gm chocolate stick with seasonal soft centre.


Coffee Lover’s Selection

Pick and choose from a selection of Arabica coffee infused chocolate miniature coffee beans, giant coffee beans, coffee flavoured truffles, coffee infused ganache cups.

£5.99 per 125gm


Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, jubilee, births… curate your own selection of chocolate treats from above and remember to request special packaging, when you place your order.

Price upon enquiry

Chocolate Bark

1mm-2mm thick chocolate bark, pure dark chocolate, mixed flavours, embellished with toppings of your choice, and extraordinary textures.

£5.99 per 125gm